Work the Floor, Wow the Crowd!

The feedback on the recent newsletters and tips has been great, Thank-you! It is our goal to ensure you are successful at every event. Plan your entire exhibit marketing strategy months in advance and be sure to develop a consistent message that meets your Marketing and Sales goals. Follow this through, at the show and thereafter – Gary Porter  

Work the Floor, WOW the Crowd!

You are in the booth waiting for the first group of people to come into the exhibit hall. As you prepare yourself for the day ahead, think about what you will say to prospective buyers. Product demonstrations and even regular conversation with interested clients can make or break your chance for a solid lead.

Know your objective(s)

Know the message you are planning to portray to anyone that comes into your booth. Also, lay out beforehand how you plan on presenting your products and services and the results you are hoping to get.

Avoid last-minute preparation

Prepare your presentation before you arrive at the show. Practice what you plan to say so that it is smooth and flows together. Avoid sounding choppy and disorganized.

Understand your audience

Try to research your audience before the show and prepare your demonstrations with prospective buyers in mind. What will they perceive are the most important things to know about you?

Maintain three eye-contact points

If you are presenting to a group, choose three friendly looking people in different areas to focus on. This gives the impression of eye contact if you rotate your gaze frequently among the three.

Use a conversational tone

Speak to them like you knew they would be coming to your booth. Be friendly and light. If you don’t preach, visitors will be much more receptive.

Find energy beforehand

You need to show positive energy from start to finish.  Speak with passion for your products and services so those listening will buy into your message. Without this you could come off sounding rehearsed and give the impression you aren’t there for the right reasons.

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