Duo Displays Panoramic H-Line allows us to create unlimited modular configurations for rental or purchase.

Panoramic h-line is a trade show display system which allows you to easily create a custom booth using pre-assembled modules.
With its full surface area completely dedicated to the graphic image, the h-line creates unparalleled visual impact while also providing a complete assortment of useful functionalities.
Panoramic h-line is a perfect solution for those who would like a trade show booth that is both modular and flexible in any exhibit space.

• Create customized exhibits, event displays or define spaces using pre-assembled modules that offer a wide range of functionalities.

• All module types can be connected to one another with no restrictions making your H-line display 100% modular and reconfigurable.

• The visual impact of H-line is created through large format, high-definition fabric graphics. The connections between the panels are invisible.

• Fast and easy set-up: graphics stay assembled and the modules fit easily into a wood crate. It takes less than one hour to set up a 10’ x 20’ configuration.

• May be set-up with or without professional assistance.


1. 100% Full Visual Image to showcase your brand

     Put the graphic image front and center! No visible aluminum profiles means your message is even more effective and your booth carries a true mark of quality.

2. Endless Modularity

Panoramic h-line is a reusable and reconfigurable solution that is available for purchase or rental.
All module types can be connected to one another – no restrictions! Rest assured that you can use your booth in every space, even those you have yet to consider.

3. 100% Functional

Each module has been designed to provide its own unique functionality (communicate, display, design, spread your message, store, and welcome customers). You can pre-fit certain modules by adding optional kits for even more functionality.

4. Clever & Simple: Minimal expertise to set-up and take down (I&D / Install and Dismantle)

Modules are delivered in a storage case and require zero technical expertise. They are set up quickly and easily without the use of tools. It takes two minutes or less to connect two panels, and set-up for a 18 m² booth takes less than an hour. You can also set up the booth with our assistance.

5.  Design Ease

H-Line dealers like Flash Displays use a proprietary design tool that includes every module, component and accessory for H-Line that lets use to design, render and quickly quote the perfect display for your company, quick and efficiently.  Distinguishing your brand is only a few clicks away!